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Dette dokument ligger i vores arkiv. Bemærk venligst, at dokumentet kan indholde informationer, der ikke længere er aktuelle.

Partner 2, CHA

Chalmers University of Technology is one of five established Universities of Technology in Sweden. The department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is one of 16 departments at the university, with seven divisions. The University has 2137 staff whereof 1433 are in R&D and engineering. The Division of Structural Engineering has 25 staff. The research group for Concrete Structures includes five full-time and four part-time senior researchers, and five research assistants, who are also Ph.D. students. The research area of the Concrete Structures group includes load-carrying capacity, stability, functional design and durability. During a number of years, the Concrete Structures research group has used a very successful research methodology, built on a strategic combination of advanced non-linear finite element analyses combined with experiments. Using in this way gained knowledge of the mechanical behaviour of the structures; more practical analysis- and design methods can be formulated.