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Description of Work Packages

Dette dokument ligger i vores arkiv. Bemærk venligst, at dokumentet kan indholde informationer, der ikke længere er aktuelle.

WP1: Future digital architecture

  • Explore the architectonic possibilities in digital fabricated concrete structures
  • Predict the future concrete architecture with new digital fabrication techniques in mind
  • Provide the project with 3D CAD drawings to be executed

WP leader: Superpool

WP2: New formwork types

  • Select and modify suitable formwork materials and associated formwork for load-bearing structures that can be processed using robot technology (robustness, reusability, environment, costs)
  • Selection and development/modification of suitable release agents for the TailorCrete formwork materials (surface appearance of concrete, reusability of formwork)

WP leader: Danish Technological Institute

WP3: Reinforcement types

  • Select reinforcement types
  • Modification/development of reinforcement processing techniques
  • Select and validate a technique to monitor the amount and distribution of fibre reinforcement during production of structures on an industrial scale
  • Identification of possible barriers in codes and standards

WP leader: Chalmers

WP4: Digital fabrication techniques using automation and robot technology

  • Develop optimal processing for non standardised formwork suitable for industrialised production
  • Achieve a high degree of automation in the process of digital fabrication

WP leader: University of Southern Denmark

WP5: Fabrication based design tools

  • Review and assessment of the parametric design tools available today
  • Develop a design system based on the resulting formwork and processing techniques acquired in WP3 and WP5
  • Implement the developed design system in existing digital design tools

WP leader: ETH Zürich

WP6: Formfilling with SCC

  • Obtain tools for planning of the casting process i.e. how to select rheological properties and casting technique for the individual application
  • Optimise the SCC mix composition targeting the required rheological properties for the individual application

WP leader: Danish Technological Institute

WP7: Full-scale prototypes

  • Plan full-scale prototype structures that verifies the methods developed WP1 to WP6
  • Execute the planned full-scale prototype structures

WP leader: Dragados

WP8: Life cycle assessment - costs, sustainability, safety

  • Costs: The TailorCrete concept: Production of unique structures at mass customised prices
  • Sustainability: Evaluation of possible environmental challenges, and overall sustainability of the TailorCrete concept
  • Safety: Impact of the TailorCrete concept on safety issues

WP leader: Czech Technical University

WP9: Standardization and codes

  • Do existing standards create barriers for the use of the TailorCrete concept
  • Which existing EU directives or regulations may serve as “drivers” or barriers for the use of the project results?

WP leader: Danish Technological Institute

WP10: Exploitation plan

  • To make suitable recommendations for the exploitation of the project results by Consortium members and other relevant external parties
  • To disseminate results of TailorCrete to the construction sector and the wider public

WP leader: Superpool